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PostSubject: xxxHolic   xxxHolic I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 5:13 pm

xxxHolic Xxxholic

Status: Complete

Episodes: 24/24

Format: AVI

Kimihiro Watanuki is a young boy with a cursed gift. He has the ability to see evil spirits, and somehow they seem attracted to himself. One day he meets a misterious woman who names herself Yuuko. She claims to have the means to end his torment, but she never works for free, and she wouldn't help him until he works for her enough to pay for her services. Thus he starts to work in her shop and discovers that in that place, nothing is what it seems.

Episode One:
megaupload.com 6NUO0BX7

Episode Two:
megaupload.com QVCS9ESY

Episode Three:
megaupload.com QCE96SWY

Episode Four:
megaupload.com KIUAAJ1C

Episode Five:
megaupload.com C84X2Q15

Episode Six:
megaupload.com 7L8UAUG5

Episode Seven:
megaupload.com I5ZVOJP6

Episode Eight:
megaupload.com 1RPSH7F1

Episode Nine:
megaupload.com 0H2QP1DI

Episode Ten:
megaupload.com 2IWA54OZ

Episode Eleven:
megaupload.com TAPY0MFN

Episode Tweleve:
megaupload.com AP1ISE22

Episode Thirteen:
megaupload.com 5B529EI0

Episode Fourteen:
megaupload.com PRCNIOV9

Episode Fifteen:
megaupload.com IZBHOJHV

Episode Sixteen:
megaupload.com SVT97P57

Episode Seventeen:
megaupload.com AEQ9A53W

Episode Eighteen:
megaupload.com FGS3S32G

Episode Nineteen:
megaupload.com O9RD9ECC

Episode Twenty:
megaupload.com X4W993HJ

Episode Twenty One:
megaupload.com B9NRDS79

Episode Twenty Two:
megaupload.com ENF8187H

Episode Twenty Three:
megaupload.com ZGIS8E4M

Episode Twenty Four:
megaupload.com ZRDB7W6W

*Side Note: Anybody willing to share my uploads are completely welcome too! I just ask you give a little credit as me being the one who uploaded them/converted them!

((Uploaded by xRawrCarrotCake))
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